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Natalya PASICHNYK, piano



J. S. Bach

Preludes & Fugues
WTC I: C major, C minor, C sharp, D minor, D major, E flat minor, E minor,
E major, F minor, G major, G minor, A flat, A minor, B minor, H minor
WTC II: C major, C minor, C sharp, G major, G minor, A minor
Toccata in E minor BWV 914
Partita No.6 in E minor BWV 830
English Suite in E minor BWV 806
Italian Concerto (Concerto nach italiaenischen Gusto) BWV 971
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.5 in F minor BWV 1056

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonata for Piano in G Major KV 283
Sonata for Piano in A minor KV 310
Sonata for Piano in D Major KV 311
Sonata for Piano in C Major KV330
Sonata for Piano "Alla Turca" in A Major KV331
Sonata for Piano in F Major KV 332
Sonata for Piano in B Flat Major KV 333
Sonata for Piano in C minor KV 457
Sonata for Piano "Sonatina" in C Major KV 545
Sonata for Piano in B Flat Major KV 570
Sonata for Piano in D Major KV 576
Concerto for Piano No.20 in D minor KV 466
Concerto for Piano No.21 in C Major KV 467
Concerto for Piano No.23 in A Major KV 488

Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Sonata No.1 in F minor, op.2 No.1
Piano Sonata No.6 in F major, op.10 No.2
Piano Sonata No.7 in D major, op.10 No.3
Piano Sonata No.10 in G major, op.14 No.2
Piano Sonata No.12 in A flat major, op.26
Piano Sonata No.13 in E flat major, op.27 No.1
Piano Sonata No.19 in G minor, op.49 No.1
Piano Sonata No.20 in G major, op.49 No.2
Piano Sonata No.23 in F minor "Appassionata", op.57
Piano Sonata No.32 in C minor, op.111
Bagatelles for piano No.1, 2, op.126

Franz Schubert

Sonata in E flat
Impromptu in A flat

D. Scarlatti

Sonata in A major L345
Sonata in C major L104
Sonata in D minor L413
Sonata in B minor L263


Perpetum mobile

Frédéric François Chopin

Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor, op.35 (BI 114)
Ballade No.4 in F minor, op.52 (BI 146)
Polonaise-Fantaisie in A Flat Major, op.61 (BI 159)
Concerto in E minor, op.11, (BI 53)
Mazurkas, op.17 (BI 77)
Studies, op.10 No.1 , 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12 (BI 59, 59, 75, 57, 42, 42, 67)
Studies, op.25 No.1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 (BI 104, 97, 78, 78, 78, 78, 83)
Nocturne in F Major, op.15 No.11 (BI 55)
Nocturne in D Flat Major, op.27 No.2 (BI 96)
Nocturne in C minor, op.48 No.1 (BI 142)
Nocturne in F sharp minor, op.48 No. 2 (BI 142)
Nocturne in E Major, op.62 No.2 (BI 161)
Impromptu No.1 in A Flat Major, op.29 (BI 110)
Fantasie-Impromptu in C sharp minor, op.66 (BI 87)
Scherzo No.1 in B minor, op.20 (BI 65)
Scherzo No.2 in B flat minor, op.31 (BI 111)

Robert Schumann

Noveletten, op.21 No 8
Fantasiestücke, op.12 No 2, 6
Variations on the name Abegg, op.1

Franz Liszt

Raphsody No.2 in C sharp minor


Etudes-tableaux in C sharp minor, op.33 No.6
Etudes-tableaux in G minor, op.33 No.8
Variations on a Theme of Corelli, op.42
Prelude in A minor, op.32 No.8
Prelude in G major, op.32 No.5
Prelude in G sharp minor, op.32 No.12

"Two poems" in D flat, op.32
Study in C sharp minor, op.2 No.1
Study in F sharp minor, op.8 No.2
Concerto for piano and orchestra in F sharp minor, op.20

Claude Debussy

Childrens corner
"Clair de lune" from "Suite Bergamasque"
Duex Arabesques
La plus que lente
"Prelude" from "Pour le piano"
"Slow valze"

Maurice Ravel

Sonatine for Piano in F major (Sonatine pour piano en fa majeur)

Isaac Albeniz

"El Puerto" from the suite "Iberia"

Manuel de Falla

Fantasia "Betica"
"Spiritual dance of fire"

Karol Szymanowski

"Sheherazade" from the suite "Maski"
Preludes, op.1 No.2, 3, 7
Studies, op.33 No.1-6
Mazurkas, op.50 No.1-4




Prelude & fugue in A minor

Gunnar de Frumerie


Olivier Messiaen

"Je dors, mais mon coeur vielle"



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